‘We bring the finest classical and acoustic guitars to Indonesia. We choose only the best guitars’.

In around 2007, i was interested in obtaining more information about premium-quality classical guitars. Through my experience from attending concerts and masterclasses of the world-class classical guitarists, I started to think that the guitars sold in regular music stores across Indonesia were mostly the guitars with more inferior qualities compared to those of the well known guitarists. The power, balance, and tone quality of the premium guitars I have heard of were absolutely more superior to any other guitars i had tried in the Indonesian market at that time.

My journey then continued afterwards. To this date, i have sold, owned, and (mostly) observed more than 100 premium handmade classical guitars. I also have in-depth and extensive experience and knowledge on other matters regarding high-quality classical guitars like the premium tuning machines (such as the Graf, Rodgers, Alessi, Scheller, etc.) and almost all lines of premium strings available in the market (such as the Knobloch, Dogal, etc.).

My main purpose of exposing what I know about to others is that I simply want to guide and educate the people especially the Indonesians. I want them to realize that the guitar (especially classical and acoustic guitars) is a gorgeous instrument that deserves every bit of respect. I have seen many Indonesian parents that do not provide adequate support to their children to learn playing the guitar just because their parents suppose that it is a low-class instrument. Therefore, from here onwards, I have to do my part and achieve my goal of changing the false opinions and mindset about guitars being cheap and not valuable.

My approach to choosing the guitars i want to represent (endorse) in my store is quite simple.
I focus on measurable technical characteristics like the quality of the construction materials, craftmanship (quality of woodworking and execution), technical sound production (power, balance, sustain, range of tone colors / contrast between tasto and ponticello), and playability (meaning that good guitars must be easy to play and well set up).

I am here to introduce high-quality guitars and i stand behind my products. I am not here to sell some “romance” (subjective preferences such as traditional or modern sound, brands or who the luthier is).

A good guitar is good and a bad one is bad regardless of what types of construction design are applied to it. Guitars with poor or average quality (even those made by world well-known luthiers) will, most likely, be rejected.

I have seen many famous guitars that are simply terrible and do not meet the certain standard expectations. Some of them are built with exquisite high quality materials but sound bad (too small power and no dynamic range, short strings sustain, dead-sounding third string, etc.). Some of them are too hard to play due to the poor set-up. I prefer not to offer this kind of guitars to my clients.

On the other hand, i have also found some guitars that are not so outrageously expensive but sound unexpectedly good while the craftmanship is still well maintained. Surprisingly, at times, these guitars surpass the quality of those that are much more expensive in terms of the price.

So here in my store, i may not have many guitars as I only choose the best.

I offer my experience and guidance to all my clients who want to purchase high quality guitars. They can visit my store to try the guitars that are usually available in my store. Through my deep and extensive knowledge, i will guide them and make sure they get the best possible guitars within their budget limits.

Here on my website, you can find some of the world’s best classical guitars made with extremely precious high quality materials. They hopefully will bring so much joy to your ears and eyes. Please do not hesitate to get in touch with me for more information or if you do have any inquiry. It is always my pleasure to talk about guitars and share my knowledge and passion.