Bogi Nugrahadi

Year : 2017

Back & side : African blackwood. 3 pieces back with 2 golden sapwood in the middle

Top : European bearclaw spruce. Modified 5 fan brace construction with 2 X brace below the soundhole and in the closing bar area.

Tuning machine : Gotoh premium. Gold plated base plate with horn button

Scale : 650mm. 20 fret on an ebony fingerboard.

Description :

Bogi is the one and only Indonesian luthier that i exclusively represent in my shop. His build quality shows a much higher standard than any other maker in Indonesia. He makes every single part completely by hand (incl. the rosette, lining, purfling, etc). Using only high quality natural material, he polish the entire guitar with traditional method French polish of shellac finish.

His guitars have evolved from smaller Hauser / Torres inspired fan brace construction, to a slightly modern construction with all wood cross lattice brace and elevated fingerboard. Obtaining significantly much more powerful modern sound, but still with traditional sound character. Years after examining his lattice system, he creates an entirely new bracing system – a modified traditional 5 fan brace system with large X brace below the soundhole and the closing bar. This new system allows his to achieve a great power & sustain with traditional tonality.

This guitar has much more impressive sound performance (power, sustain, balance, and range of tone color) than so many much more expensive US / Spanish / German instruments. With body resonance near F, it has very deep cello like bass, very similar to La Leona replica that i’ve sold few years ago. The trebles is sweet, dense, and responsive. It also has excellent power and projection that can easily fill any concert hall. The most remarkable thing is the extremely wide range of color that i found very similar to Granada style guitar. Overall, this is strikingly beautiful, expertly constructed, tastefully decorated amd finished, with sound quality on the very high standard.