‘We bring the finest classical and acoustic guitars to Indonesia. We choose only the best guitars’.

In around 2007, i was interested in obtaining more information about premium-quality classical guitars. Through my experience from attending concerts and masterclasses of the world-class classical guitarists, I started to think that the guitars sold in regular music stores across Indonesia were mostly the guitars with more inferior qualities compared to those of the well known guitarists. The power, balance, and tone quality of the premium guitars I have heard of were absolutely more superior to any other guitars i had tried in the Indonesian market at that time.

My journey then continued afterwards. To this date, i have sold, owned, and (mostly) observed more than 100 premium handmade classical guitars. I also have in-depth and extensive experience and knowledge on other matters regarding high-quality classical guitars like the premium tuning machines (such as the Graf, Rodgers, Alessi, Scheller, etc.) and almost all lines of premium strings available in the market (such as the Knobloch, Dogal, etc.).

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Featured Luthier

Jean-Luc Joie (France)

Jean-Luc Joie (Bordeaux – France), has build high quality classical guitars since 1976. His guitars have been played by some of the leading concert guitarist…

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Joshia de Jonge (Canada)

Joshia de Jonge (Canada) daughter of famous Canadian Luthier – Sergei de Jonge, has build her first guitar at the age thirteen in 1992.

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Jose Vigil (Spain)

Jose Vigil was born in Asturias, northern Spain, in 1979. His father is a musician, and he has been surrounded by guitars and guitar players from a very early age.

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Andrea Tacchi (Italy)

I’m not representing any guitars by Andrea Tacchi. As a proud owner of his masterpiece, I just admire his work and I think it would be nice for people to…

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Bastien Burlot (France)