2 guitars from Paco Santiago Marin

Coming soon in 2020! 2 guitars from Paco Santiago Marin.
These 2 guitars would be his highest and the most prestigious model – 50th Anniversary. And of course both are already SOLD!!!
I’m proudly announce that Ivan Guitar Studio will representing guitars by Granada’s godfather luthier – Paco Santiago Marin. Build in completely traditional Granada style of construction, with pure traditional sound, his guitars also worldwide known to have an enormous power that even surpass lots of modern lattice / double top guitars. A perfect hybrid / combination between power and dynamic range of modern instrument and pure traditional sound of Spanish Granada style guitar.
A publication of Paco Santiago Marin could be found on Orfeo magazine : (GOOGLE SEARCH – ORFEO MAGAZINE #8).
Here in my shop, I always choose only the very best guitars / luthiers. Mediocre guitars with overhyped / overrated reputation will simply be rejected. I’m here to guide and help my customers (especially Indonesian / Asian customers) to get their dream guitar at the best quality and the best possible price, i’m NOT selling fantasy / fairy tales guitars.