New Dominik Wurth 2018

Some words from Dominik Wurth himself :

“My first guitar I started to build 12 years ago for my own purpose. Since then I knew what I wanted to do with my live and I was taking this work very serious. So I was studiyng guitarmaking in Markneukirchen, graduated successfully also with the titel ‘Gitarrenbaumeister’ / Master Guitar Maker. Following I was working together with Andres Marvi in Spain for several years before I came back to Geramny, having my own workshop in my village where I grew up.

After around 70 produced and sold guitars I developed my own classical model which isn’t based anymore on any specific famous guitarmaker. It’s made in a traditional way with a solid top and I developed my own construction which I am always trying to bring it to perfection. I would describe them as powerfull, with much sustain, singing trebbles and beautifull / rich overtones.

I am also making Torres Modells, based on the original Torres which I was able to measure and examining closely at the museum of music in Barcelona. With these guitars I am chasing the 19th century sound of the old spainsh masters with its dark colour adtional to the round trebbles. My Torres Modells are comming optional with or without Tornavoz. The Tornavoz guitars in my opinion needs to be tuned in 415Hz to show its full potential. In this tuning they are giving me the idea of an lost epoch.

As a special stylistic feature I treat my tops in a honey tone, like an ‘old-wood-look’ which gives a more valuable look to the guitar in my opinion. Further I am colouring my green inlays at the rossete and purflings by my own in a way it was done in the 19th century to achieve especially for my Torres models an authentic look”