Dominique Field

Coming soon!! New 2018 Dominique Field.

I’m helping my client to order this guitar and organize all document for importing this guitar to Indonesia. It is expected to be here late 2018.
Dominique Field is consider as France’s top builder of his generation. His work is now universally regarded to be as important, innovative and timeless as his predecessors and colleagues, Robert Bouchet and Daniel Friederich. Field guitars are currently being played by some of the world’s leading concert artists including Eduardo Isaac, Vladimir Mikulka, Julian Byzantine, Adam Holzman and the great flamenco artist, Vicente Amigo among others. Field’s wait-list is currently 17 years, making these virtually impossible to acquire. Field guitar is build utilizing a traditional fan brave system. Despite traditionally built, One of the most remarkable thing about his guitar is the enormous power and projection. Aesthetically it is extremely refined in an understated way – from the shape of the plantilla, to the head carving to the intricate and elegant rosette.
This would be the second Dominique Field guitar that has ever come to Indonesia market. I will definitely do my best to bring more and more the world’s best guitar to Indonesia.
This is my dream since a long time.