Jean-Luc Joie (Bordeaux – France), has build high quality classical guitars since 1976. His guitars have been played by some of the leading concert guitarist including Alvaro Pierri, Thibault Cauvin, David Garciarena, Gaelle Solal, Boris Gaquere and duo Sybrandus.

This is his highest model with the unique ‘non bracing soundboard’. A soundboard without any brace! His signature construction technique creates a guitar that have a power close to Australian lattice guitars, but with sweet traditional tone color – enough to make Thibault Cauvin switch from his Greg Smallman to a Jean-Luc Joie guitar..

To quote Jean-Luc himself :
It ‘s difficult for me to give explanations about the” no bracing system”without revealing secrets The only thing I can say it’s that it is a mostly made of wood, plus some natural material and composite matèrial , which makes an integrated and complex system who permit to not use any brace. The first guitars that we have made with that system were made in 1988 , and since this time, year after year, we have improve our technique in order to obtain the better sound possible: … warm , smooth , round, beautiful but with lots of power and dynamic possibilities. At the same time we have great equality and a perfect linear sound ( like the one on a piano system ).