Joshia de Jonge (Canada) daughter of famous Canadian Luthier – Sergei de Jonge, has build her first guitar at the age thirteen in 1992. Since then her construction system has evolved from the traditional fan brace to all wood lattice brace, and now she use her own bracing system, somekind of hybrid between lattice and fan brace.

In my own observation, Joshia de Jonge guitars (especially the spruce guitar) is one of extremely few guitar that combine the power and projection of the most successful modern guitar sound, with very large range tonal pallate of traditional Granada style guitar. Extremely sensitive to very slight movement and right hand attack, but still superb balance without any weak notes.
Her craftmanship and material quality is even surpass so many bigname luthiers. Very clean, perfectly executed, and full of attention to the smallest detail.

As always, i only represent the best possible guitar in my shop. And Joshia is certainly one of them.